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Last Modified: 18 December 2009

Bexhill to Hastings Link Road Public Inquiry - Objectors Documents

OBJ/003 Mr Laurence Keeley Proof of Evidence [896 KB]
OBJ/007 Mrs Blackford Proof of Evidence [115 KB]
OBJ/008 E. G. West & Sons Proof of Evidence [512 KB]
OBJ/014 AmicusHorizon Proof of Evidence [877 KB]
OBJ/015 Mr Raymond Boggis Proof of Evidence [1,046 KB]
OBJ/018 Mr Massey Proof of Evidence [821 KB]
OBJ/037 Mr Caunter Proof of Evidence [851 KB]
OBJ/074 Joan Buckham Objection Letter Dated 04/10/2009 [46 KB]
OBJ/082 Susan Palmer Statement [207 KB]
OBJ/095 Mr Clive Garland [483 KB]
OBJ/102 Mr Richardson Sanderson [196 KB]
OBJ/107 Marion Terry Statement [340 KB]
OBJ/112 J.A. Baker Objection Letter Dated 10/09-2009 [110 KB]
OBJ/114 Mr Poole Proof of Evidence [2,274 KB]
OBJ/118 Mr Richard Mann [33 KB]
OBJ/130 Mr Daly Proof of Evidence [903 KB]
OBJ/131 Mr Rosner Proof of Evidence [111 KB]
OBJ/131/A Pauline Rosner letter [1,057 KB]
OBJ/131/B Mike Rosner Objection Letter Dated 14/09/2009 [268 KB]
OBJ/135 Dr Thurston Proof of Evidence [348 KB]
OBJ/147 Mr & Mrs Rogers Proof of Evidence [122 KB]
OBJ/152 Alan Smith Statement [94 KB]
OBJ/155/1 WTRA Statement 15.10.09 [170 KB]
OBJ/155/2 WTRA Summary 15.10.09 [53 KB]
OBJ/157 Mrs Boggis Proof of Evidence [221 KB]
OBJ/168 Mr & Mrs Jabbitt Objection Letter Dated 09/10/2009 [70 KB]
OBJ/172 Caroline Wedmore Statement [21 KB]
OBJ/177 Michael Varney Objection Letter Dated 14/09/2009 [123 KB]
OBJ/178/1 Derrick Coffee Statement [71 KB]
OBJ/178/2 Derrick Coffee Summary [30 KB]
OBJ/178/3 Derrick Coffee Appendix 1 [541 KB]
OBJ/178/4 Derrick Coffee Appendix 2 [408 KB]
OBJ/178/5 Derrick Coffee Appendix 3 [872 KB]
OBJ/178/6 Derrick Coffee Appendix 4 [465 KB]
OBJ/178/7 Derrick Coffee Appendix 5 [1,704 KB]
OBJ/178/8 Derrick Coffee Appendix 6 [1,802 KB]
OBJ/179 Mr Bingham Proof of Evidence [146 KB]
OBJ/179/1 Mr Alan Wenban Smith Proof of Evidence [1,295 KB]
OBJ/179/2 Mr Keith Buchan Proof of Evidence [577 KB]
OBJ/191 Mrs Calcott Proof of Evidence [691 KB]
OBJ/201 Ms Dilys Gray-Jones [50 KB]
OBJ/223 Dr Clark Proof of Evidence [3,723 KB]
OBJ/238 Crowhurst Society - Represented by Mr E McCall (Not available electronically)
OBJ/241 Crowhurst Parish Council Proof of Evidence [142 KB]
OBJ/242 Sustrans Statement of Evidence (Including Appendices 1-8) [2,651 KB]
OBJ/243 Frank Kelly Objection Letter Dated 07/09/2009 [10 KB]
OBJ/244 Mrs Bargery Proof of Evidence [460 KB]
OBJ/246 Helena Melsom Objection Letter Dated 11/09/2009 [564 KB]
OBJ/247 Agatha Coffey Objection Letter Dated 14/09/2009 [25 KB]
OBJ/248 Audrey Lanceman Objection Letter Dated 14/09/2009 [21 KB]
OBJ/249 Evelyn Modlinger Objection Letter Dated 16/09/2009 [18 KB]
OBJ/250 Yvonne Dignon Objection Email Dated 16/09/2009 [21 KB]
OBJ/251 Laura Cecil Objection Letter Dated 15/09/2009 [25 KB]
OBJ/252 Mary Dawson Objection Letter Dated 15/09/2009 [29 KB]
OBJ/253 Pauline Illsley Objection Letter Dated 17/09/2009 [72 KB]
OBJ/254 Mr A.M. Chantler Objection Letter Dated 28/09/2009 [112 KB]
OBJ/254/1 Mr A.M. Chantler Statement [170 KB]
OBJ/254/2 Mr A.M. Chantler Statement [86 KB]
OBJ/254/3 Mr A.M. Chantler Statement [81 KB]
OBJ/254/4 Response to the Further Evidence Document ESCC/R36/OBJ-254 by Mr A M Chantler [1,824 KB]
OBJ/255 S.J. Perry Objection Letter Dated 15/09/2009 [111 KB]
OBJ/256 Valerie Joy Objection Letter Dated 15/09/2009 [101 KB]
OBJ/259/1 Sussex Wildlife Trust Statement [30 KB]
OBJ/259/2 Sussex Wildlife Trust Biodiversity Statement [97 KB]
OBJ/259/3 Sussex Wildlife Trust Letter Dated 05/07/2007 [313 KB]
OBJ/259/4 Sussex Wildlife Trust Letter Dated 13/09/2008 [20 KB]
OBJ/259/5 Sussex Wildlife Trust Letter Dated 28/08/2008 [169 KB]
OBJ/260 Melian Robertson Summary [34 KB]
OBJ/262 Miss Georgina Wilson [97 KB]
OBJ/263/1 Mr & Mrs Kelly Objection Letter Dated 23/09/2009 [105 KB]
OBJ/263/2 MR & Mrs Kelly Letter Dated 29/09/2009 [141 KB]
OBJ/264/1 J Lowe Objection Letter Dated 25/09/2009 [172 KB]
OBJ/264/2 J Lowe Letter to GONE [86 KB]
OBJ/265 M.A. Sullivan Statement [108 KB]
OBJ/266 David Roberts Objection Email Dated 03/10/2009 [20 KB]
OBJ/267 Miss N.C. Jones Objection Email Dated 04/10/2009 [12 KB]
OBJ/268 Nicholas Austin Objection Email Dated 02/10/2009 [22 KB]
OBJ/269 L.R. Webster Objection Letter Dated 26/09/2009 [48 KB]
OBJ/270 H. Bennett Objection Letter Dated 02/10/2008 [22 KB]
OBJ/271 Gordon Waters Objection Email Dated 01/10/2009 [10 KB]
OBJ/273 Oliver Khan Statement [27 KB]
OBJ/274 G. Plummer Objection Letter Dated 08/10/2009 [33 KB]
OBJ/275 Causton Objection Letter Dated 05/10/2009 [347 KB]
OBJ/277 Jim & Di Reddie Objection Email Dated 14/10/2009 [16 KB]
OBJ/281 H. Hookham Statement [28 KB]